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Adds a new user login name to a Replication Server.

create user <user>
set password {<new_password> | null} 
[set <password_parameter> to '<parameter_value>']

Login name.


New password.

Current user password if you use the <verify password> parameter.
password parameter
See Password Parameters.
The description and value for a password parameter.
Table 1: Password Parameters

Description and <Value>


Number of days after which the password expires.

  • 0 – password never expires (default).
  • Range – 0 to 32,767.

You can use password_expiration with create user.

If the password has expired, Replication Server locks the user account and notifies the user that the password has expired. If the user does not reset his password, the user will not be able to login once disconnected until the administrator resets the password. The new password must meet all the password requirements.

Passwords do not expire for any user that rs_init creates with connect source permission or the ID user. These passwords override any setting for password_expiration that you set for all users in the Replication Server. Databases, other Replication Servers, and Replication Agents use user IDs with connect source permission.

Administrators should consider setting any user that is created for replication agent or an RSI to not expire the password.

Example 1

Creates a new user login name “louise” with the password “EnnuI”:

create user louise
set password EnnuI
Example 2
Creates a user named jsmith having an initial password of 1Buiopr89, with a password expiration interval of 90 days:
create user jsmith
set password to 1Buiopr89
set password_expiration to '90'
  • create user creates a new login name for a user.

  • Users can change their own passwords with the alter user command.

  • Case is significant for user login names and passwords.

  • password_expiration is the only parameter the administrator can use with alter user and create user commands.
  • Password settings specified for individual users with create user commands override any value that is set with configure replication server command.

    SeePassword Parameters table in configure replication server.

  • Password expiration interval:
    • When the administrator or the user changes the password of the user, Replication Server records the date the password was set. When the user logs in, Replication Server checks the login date against the password expiration setting. If there is a password expiration value set either for the user or at the system level, and Replication Server detemines that the password has expired, Replication Server notifies the user to change the password and locks the user account. Replication Server unlocks the account only if the user enters a new password meeting all password requirements. If the user disconnects before changing the password, the administrator must reset the password.
    • SAP recommends setting password_expiration to 0 for users that have "connect source" privilege such as the Replication Agent users to prevent their passwords from expiring and interfering with replicating data.

create user requires “sa” permission.