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Changes the size of a partition.

alter partition <logical_name> [expand [size =<size>]]

A name for the partition. The name must conform to the rules for identifiers. The name is also used in the drop partition and create partition commands.


Specifies that the partition is to increase in size.


Specifies the number of megabytes the partition is to increase. The default value is 2MB.

Example 1
This example increases the size of logical partition <P1> by 50MB:
alter partition P1 expand size = 50
Example 2
This example increases the size of logical partition <P2> by 2MB:
alter partition P2 
  • alter partition allows users to expand a currently used partition to a larger size. This function is useful when Replication Server needs more disk space and there is still space available in the same disk of the existing partition.

  • In case of insufficient physical disk space, alter partition aborts and an error message displays. The allocated space for the partition is the same as before the command was applied.

  • The maximum size that can be allocated to a partition is 1TB, which is approximately 1,000,000MB.


Only the “sa” user can execute alter partition.