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Alters a function-string class, specifying whether it should be a base class or a derived class.

alter function string class <function_class
>   set parent to {<parent_class> | null}

The name of an existing function-string class to be altered.

set parent to

Designates an existing class as a parent for the class you are altering; or, with the null keyword, designates that the class should be a base class.


The name of an existing function-string class you designate as the parent class for a new derived class. <rs_sqlserver_function_class> may not be used as a parent class.


Specifies that the class should be a base class.

Example 1

Specifies that <sqlserver2_function_class> should become a derived class, inheriting function strings from the parent class <rs_default_function_class>:

alter function string class
 set parent to rs_default_function_class
Example 2

Specifies that the derived function-string class named <rpc_xact> should be a base class:

alter function string class rpc_xact
 set parent to null
  • Use alter function string class to change a derived function-string class to a base class, to change the parent class of a derived class, or to change a base class to a derived class.

  • The primary site for a derived class is the same as its parent class. Alter derived classes at the primary site of the parent class. However, if the parent class is a system-provided class, <rs_default_function_class> or <rs_db2_function_class>, the primary site for the derived class is the Replication Server where you created the derived class.

  • See create function string for more information about alter function string class.

  • For more information about function-string classes, function strings, and functions, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2.

  • Replication Server distributes the altered function-string class to qualifying sites through the replication system. The changes do not appear immediately at all such sites because of normal replication system lag time.


alter function string class requires “sa” permission.