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Changes the attributes of a database connector.

alter connector <dataserver_make>.<connector_type>
set <option> [to] <value>

Indicates the database server.


Indicates the connector technology used for the connector implementation.


Provides you with choices for various trace options for a connector.

The supported options are:
  • trace

  • trace_logpath


A character string containing a new value for the option.

If you are using the trace option, the syntax for <value> takes the form “<module>, <condition,[on|off]”>, where:
  • <module> – specifies the module type. Valid value is <econn>.
  • <condition> – specifies the trace condition to set.
  • < on> or <off> – specifies the state of the condition that is desired.
Example 1

Configures all DSI instances to use the ASE/CT-Lib connector with general_1 trace condition enabled:

alter connector "ase"."ctlib"
set trace to "econn,general_1,on"
Example 2

In this example, the <option> parameter is set to trace_logpath and all the trace messages produced by the ASE/CT-Lib connector are written to the connector-specific trace file in addition to the Replication Server log file:

alter connector "ase"."ctlib"
set trace_logpath to "/sybase/sybase_rep/log/"
In general, the log file name consists of these parts:
  • ec

  • <dataserver_make>

  • <connector_type>

  • .log

The <dataserver_make> and <connector_type> are variables. The values will depend on the type of database being used and the associated connector technology. For example, the connector-specific log file created for ASE/CT-Lib is ecasectlib.log.

Example 3
To turn off trace messages being written to connector-specific trace file, alter the trace_logpath configuration setting:
alter connector "iq"."ctlib"
set trace_logpath to "fully-qualified path name"
  • Execute alter connector at the Replication Server where the connection was created.

  • Execute alter connector to turn on traces for all connections using the specified connector.