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Displays information about Replication Server threads that are not running.

admin who_is_down [, no_trunc]

Increases the size of the Info column from 40 characters to 80 characters. This is useful in displaying long data server or database names.

Example 1
admin who_is_down
Spid   Name            State         Info
----   --------------  -----------   ------------
       RSI              Suspended     SYDNEY_RS
  • The <Spid> column in the output of admin who_is_down is always empty. There are no processes for threads that are not running.

  • Execute admin who_is_down when admin health shows that the Replication Server is suspect. The output for this command does not list threads that are in a state of “Connecting,” which could be the cause of the suspect health.

  • For a description of the output from this command, see admin who.


Any user may execute this command.