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Displays the version number of routes that originate at the Replication Server and routes that terminate at the Replication Server.

admin show_route_versions
Example 1

In the example, the route version of repserver_1510.repserver_1500 is 15.0.0.

admin show_route_versions
Source RepServer  Dest. RepServer  Route Version
repserver_1510    repserver_1510   1500
  • The route version is the earliest site version of the source and destination Replication Server. If the route version is lower than the earliest site version, you need to perform route upgrade.

  • The version number determines which feature set in a mixed-version environment you can use with the route.

  • For each route, admin show_route_versions displays the name of the source Replication Server, the name of the destination Replication Server, and the version of the route.


Any user may execute this command.