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Closes the existing Replication Server log file and opens a new log file.

admin set_log_name, <log_file>

The name of the new log file.

Example 1

Opens a new log file called SYDNEY_RS.log. You can verify the path and log file name with the admin log_name command.

admin set_log_name,
  • If this command fails, the original log file remains open.

  • If the Replication Server is restarted, the log file name specified in the command line is used. If no name is specified in the command line, the default log file name is used.

  • If you enter a log file name containing characters other than letters and numerals, enclose it in quotes. Do this, for example, if the log file name contains a period (.), as in the example above.

  • admin set_log_name displays the name you enter. Enter an absolute path name to make the output most useful.


Any user may execute this command.