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Displays information about supported network-based security mechanisms and security services.

admin security_property [, <mechanism_name>]

A supported network-based security mechanism.

Example 1
 admin security_property
 Mechanism        Feature            Supported
 ---------------  ----------------   ------------
 DCE              Unified Login      yes
 DCE              Confidentiality    yes
 DCE              Integrity          no
  • When executed without options, displays the name of the default security mechanisms, the security services available for that mechanism, and whether available services are supported at your site.

  • To execute admin security_property, network-based security must be enabled—use configure replication server to set the use_security_services parameter on—at the current Replication Server.

  • This command cannot be used to manage the security settings of non-ASE and non-IQ connectors like ExpressConnect for SAP HANA Database. For information on managing the security settings for these connectors, see the Replication Server Heterogeneous Replication Guide.


Any user can execute this command.