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Displays use of each disk partition accessed by the Replication Server.

admin disk_space, mb[, <ds>, <db>]

Enables displaying of size information in megabytes.

<ds>, <db>
Name of the primary data server and database for the disk partition.
Example 1

Displays information about the disk partition:

admin disk_space
Partition     Logical           Part.Id
----------    -----------       -------
/dev/hdb2     partition_1       101
Total Segs    Used Segs         State
-----------   ---------         -------
         20           3         ON-LINE
Example 2
Displays size information in megabytes:
admin disk_space,mb
Logical  Part.Id  Total Segs  Used Segs  Total MBs  Used MBs  State
-------- -------- ----------- ---------- ---------- --------- -------
d7            101          25          3         50         6 ON-LINE
Table 1: Column Descriptions for admin disk_space Output




Device name used by the Replication Server


Logical name assigned to the partition


Partition ID

<Total Segs>

Total number of segments on a partition

<Used Segs>

Total number of segments currently in use by the Replication Server


State of this device:

  • ON-LINE – The device is normal

  • OFF-LINE – The device cannot be found

  • DROPPED – The device has been dropped but has not disappeared (some queues are using it)

  • AUTO – The device is automatically resizable. See Automatically Resizable Partitions in the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.


Any user may execute this command.