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SAP Replication Server uses sort order, or collating sequence, to determine how character data and identifiers are compared and ordered. SAP Replication Server supports all SAP-supported sort orders, including non-binary sort orders. Non-binary sort orders are necessary for the correct ordering of character data and identifiers in European languages.

You specify sort orders with the <RS_sortorder> parameter in the SAP Replication Server configuration file. You can specify any SAP-supported sort order that is compatible with your character set.

For replication to work properly, all sort orders in your replication system should be the same.

rs_get_sortorder System Function

Each time SAP Replication Server connects to a data server, it executes rs_get_sortorder, which obtains the sort order used by the data server. If it is not what is expected, SAP Replication Server prints a warning message to the error log file.