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SAP provides a set of user defined datatypes and datatype classes. You can use them to change the datatype of column values when you replicate between:

  • SAP data servers

  • SAP data servers and non-SAP data servers

  • Homogeneous non-SAP data servers

  • Heterogeneous non-SAP data servers

A datatype definition describes a non-SAP datatype in terms of a base SAP Replication Server native datatype. The base datatype determines the maximum and minimum length associated with the datatype definition and provides defaults for other datatype attributes. The base datatype also defines the delimiters associated with the datatype definition.

Each datatype class contains datatype definitions for a specific data server. The datatype classes are:
  • SAP ASE – rs_sqlserver_dt_class

  • SAP SQL Anywhere – rs_asa_dt_class

  • DB2 – rs_db2_dt_class

  • Microsoft SQL Server – rs_msss_dt_class

  • Oracle – rs_oracle_dt_class

  • SAP HANA database – rs_hanadb_dt_class

For a list and description of supported datatype definitions for each datatype class, see the Heterogeneous Replication Guide.