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The <opaque> datatype handles datatypes currently not supported by Replication Server. RepAgent provides the formatted data for Replication Server to apply directly to the target data server. Examples of such datatypes are the <anydata> datatype of Oracle and the <sql_variant> datatype of Microsoft SQL Server.

The limitations of the <opaque> datatypes are:
  • <You cannot use opaque> datatypes in searchable columns and where clauses of replication definitions, subscriptions, and articles.

  • You cannot use a map to clause on <opaque> datatypes.

  • You cannot use the dynamic SQL feature when an <opaque> datatype column or parameter exists in your replication definition.

  • You cannot use <opaque> datatype if your function string has a remote procedure call (RPC).

  • You cannot apply character conversion or byte-order conversion to <opaque> data.