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Use these commands to coordinate recovery after a database is reloaded or when Replication Server stable queues fail.


Many of these commands should be used with caution and only in very restricted circumstances. Make sure to check the associated documentation carefully before you use them.

  • allow connections – places Replication Server in recovery mode for specified databases.

  • ignore loss – allows Replication Server to accept messages after a loss is detected.

  • rebuild queues – rebuilds Replication Server stable queues.

  • resume log transfer – allows a RepAgent thread to connect to the Replication Server.

  • resume queue – restarts a stable queue stopped after receiving a messager larger than 16K bytes. Applicable only when the Replication Server version is 12.5 or later and the site version is 12.1 or earlier.

  • set log recovery – places Replication Server in log recovery mode for a database.

  • suspend log transfer – disconnects a RepAgent from a Replication Server and prevents either from connecting.

For detailed recovery procedures, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2.