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When Replication Server starts, configuration parameters are read from system tables or from a configuration file. Configuration parameters may be static or dynamic. You can change dynamic parameters while Replication Server is running, but you must restart Replication Server after you change static parameters.

Use these commands to configure Replication Server:
  • alter connection and configure connection – change the characteristics of a Replication Server connection to a database.

  • configure logical connection – changes the Replication Server configuration for a logical connection in a warm standby application.

  • configure replication server – changes Replication Server parameters and default parameters for routes and connections.

  • alter route and configure route – change the characteristics of a route. A route connects one Replication Server to another.

Configuration parameters are also set when you create routes and connections using create route and create connection.

For more information, see the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.