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Replication Server stores messages in stable queues, which are stored on disk partitions. Inbound queues store messages received from Replication Agents; outbound queues store messages to be transmitted to data servers or other Replication Servers.

Use rs_init to create the initial partitions for Replication Server. For more information about working with partitions in rs_init, see the Replication Server installation and configuration guides.

To add, drop, change, or monitor partitions, use:
  • create partition – to make a partition available to Replication Server. You must create a partition before you can add it.


    create partition replaces the existing add partition command. For backward compatibility, add partition is still supported as an alias for create partition but it will be depreciated in the future.

  • create auto partition path – to make an automatically resizable partition available to Replication Server.
  • alter partition – to change the size of a partition .

  • alter auto partition path – to change the partition file size and the maximum size that you allow for a dynamically resizable partition.
  • drop partition – to remove a partition from Replication Server.

  • drop auto partition path – to remove a automatically resizable partition from Replication Server.
  • rs_helppartition – to display information on all Replication Server partitions.

For more information about stable queues and partitions, see Partitions for Stable Queues in the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1.