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System information commands provide information about Replication Server.

Use these commands to get Replication Server related information:
  • admin auto_part_path – to display information on dynamically resizable Replication Server partitions.

  • admin disk_space – displays the usage statistics of each disk partition accessed by the Replication Server.

  • admin echo – returns the text you enter to verify that the Replication Server is running.

  • admin get_generation – retrieves the generation number for a primary database.

  • admin health – displays the overall status of the Replication Server.

  • admin log_name – displays the path to the current log file.

  • admin logical_status – displays status information for a logical connection in a warm standby application.

  • admin pid – displays the process ID of the Replication Server.

  • admin quiesce_check – determines if the queues in the Replication Server have been quiesced.

  • admin quiesce_force_rsi – determines whether a Replication Server is quiesced and forces it to deliver outbound messages.

  • admin rssd_name – displays the names of the data server and database for the Replication Server System Database (RSSD).

  • admin security_property – displays network-based security mechanisms and features supported by Replication Server.

  • admin security_setting – displays the status of network-based security features supported by Replication Server.

  • admin set_log_name – closes the existing Replication Server log file and opens a new log file.

  • admin show_connections – displays information about all connections from the Replication Server.

  • admin show_function_classes – displays the names of existing function-string classes and their parent classes, and indicates the number of levels of inheritance.

  • admin show_route_versions – displays the version number of routes that originate and terminate at the Replication Server.

  • admin show_site_version – displays the site version of the Replication Server.

  • admin sqm_readers – displays the read point and delete point for each Replication Server thread that is reading an inbound queue.

  • admin stats – displays information and statistics about Replication Server counters.

  • admin stats, backlog – reports the current transaction backlog in the stable queues.

  • admin stats, {md | mem | mem_in_use} – reports information about memory usage.

  • admin stats, status – displays the flushing status for all counters.

  • admin stats, reset – resets all counters that can be reset.

  • admin stats, {tps | cps | bps} – reports the number of transactions, commands, or bytes of throughput per second.

  • admin time – displays the current time of Replication Server.

  • admin translate – performs a datatype translation on a specific data value, displaying the results in literal format with delimiters.

  • admin version – displays the Replication Server software version.

  • admin who – displays information about threads running in the Replication Server.

  • admin who_is_down – displays a subset of information about Replication Server threads that are not running.

  • admin who_is_up – displays a subset of information about Replication Server threads that are running.