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Gateway commands are used to manage Replication Server gateways.

The Replication Server gateway minimizes explicit log in to multiple replication servers, ID servers, and the RSSD. The Replication Server gateway uses your RSSD primary user name and password to log in to RSSD, your ID server user name and password to log in to ID Server, your remote server identification (RSI) to log in to a remote Replication Server, and your maintenance user ID to log in to the remote Adaptive Server. You do not need to supply this information more than once, when you access Replication Server itself.

The Replication Server gateway also supports cascading connections, which allow your Replication Server to communicate with servers that it is not directly connected to. It also allows you to manage a replication domain using a single client connection.

Use these commands to manage Replication Server gateways:
  • connect – turns Replication Server into a gateway to its RSSD, ID server, a remote Replication Server, or a remote data server.

  • show connection – lists the contents of the connection stack.

  • show server – displays the current working server.

  • disconnect – terminates a connection to a server.