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Subscriptions initiate the replication of data or stored procedures. A subscription specifies a table or function replication definition name, or a publication, and the database into which the data is to be replicated.

  • A subscription for a table replication definition data.

  • A subscription for a function replication definition replicates stored procedures.

  • A subscription for a database replication definition replicates databases or database objects.

  • A subscription for a publication replicates the data represented by each article in the publication. Publications can also have articles for stored procedures.

A subscription to a table or function replication definition may include a where clause, which determines the rows that are replicated or whether a stored procedure is replicated.

A subscription to a database replication definition subscribes to all data. You cannot use a where clause to set the criteria for subscribed data. If you need to subscribe to particular tables or functions, you can add table or function subscriptions. See the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1 > Manage Replicated Objects Using Multisite Availability > Concurrent Use of Database, Table, and Function Replication Definitions in an MSA System.


A subscription to a publication cannot include a where clause. where clauses are contained in the publication’s articles.