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The publications feature of Replication Server lets you group the tables and procedures you want to subscribe to, and their replication definitions, and create one subscription for the group.

A publication is a set of articles from the same primary database. Each article is a replication definition for a table or stored procedure and a set of where clauses that specify which rows are of interest. An article can contain zero, one, or multiple where clauses. Multiple clauses are separated by the or keyword.

Use these commands to work with publications and articles:
  • create publication – creates a publication.

  • drop publication – removes a publication and its articles. The <drop_repdef> option drops the associated replication definitions.

  • validate publication – verifies that a publication has at least one article and marks the publication so that new subscriptions can be created for it.

  • check publication – indicates whether subscriptions can be created for a publication, and reports the number of articles it contains.

  • create article – creates an article and assigns it to a publication.

  • drop article – removes an article from a publication. The <drop_repdef> option also drops the associated replication definition.