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Introduction to the Replication Command LanguageLocate this document in the navigation structure

Learn about the commands in each category. Some commands are included in multiple categories.

For complete command syntax and usage information, see SAP Replication Server Commands.

When using Replication Command Language (RCL), follow these formatting rules:
  • You can break a line anywhere except in the middle of a keyword or identifier.
  • You can continue a character string on the next line by typing a backslash (\) at the end of the line. Extra space characters on a line are ignored, except after a backslash.
  • Do not enter any spaces after a backslash. You can enter more than one command in a batch, unless otherwise noted.
  • RCL commands are not transactional. SAP Replication Server executes each command in a batch without regard for the completion status of other commands in the batch. Syntax errors in a command prevent SAP Replication Server from parsing subsequent commands in a batch.

For detailed information on datatypes, identifiers, reserved words, and support for SAP ASE, see “Topics”.

For an introduction to SAP Replication Server architecture, see Replication Server Technical Overview in the Administration Guide Volume 1.

Some SAP Replication Server procedures may require you to execute SAP ASE system procedures such as sp_setreptable or sp_setrepproc. For complete syntax and usage information, see SAP ASE Commands and System Procedures.