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Configures and shows license management-related information in Replication Server.

sysadmin lmconfig,
[ , edition [, edition_type ] 
  , license_type [, license_type_name ] 
  , smtp_host [, smtp_host_name ]
  , smtp_port [, smtp_port_number ] 
  , email_sender [, sender_email_address ] 
  , email_recipients [, email_recipients ] 
  , email_severity [, email_severity ]]
sysadmin lmconfig

Without parameters shows basic license status information.

edition, edition_type

Is a static configuration parameter that specifies the license edition.

Values for edition_type are:
  • null – is the default value. When a null value is specified, no product edition is configured, and Replication Server starts with a license for any edition.
  • EE – indicates the Enterprise Edition.
  • RL – indicates the Real-Time Loading (RTL) Edition.
license type, license_type_name

Is a static configuration parameter that specifies the license type for the installation of Replication Server, and is valid only when you specify a non-null edition.

The valid, most typical values for license_type_name are:
  • SR – server license
  • SV – standby server license
  • AR – application server license
  • BR – application-specific standby server license
  • IC – Internet access CPU license
  • AC – application-specific CPU license
  • BC – application-specific standby CPU license
  • CP – CPU license
  • SF – standby CPU license
  • null – default
Note In addition to this list, sysadmin lmconfig also accepts two-letter abbreviations for specialized and legacy license types. If the license type is not accepted, set the type to null and use the network license server options file to control the license used by Replication Server.
smtp host, smtp host name

Designates the SMTP host used to send e-mail messages for license event notifications.

smtp port, smtp port number

Designates the SMTP port used to send e-mail messages for license event notifications.

email sender, sender email address

Specifies the e-mail address used as the sender's address on license event e-mail notifications.

email recipients, email recipients

Is a comma-separated list of e-mail recipients who receive license event e-mail notifications.

email severity, email severity

Is the minimum severity of an error that causes an e-mail notification to be sent. The default is error, and the other possibilities are warning and informational.

Example 1

Displays basic license configuration information for a system:

sysadmin lmconfig
The returned result is:
Parameter Name 	Config Value
-------------------------  ------------
edition 		                  null
license_type 		             null
smtp_host 		                smtp
email_recipients 	          cshi
email_severity 	            ERROR
smtp_port 		                25
email_sender 		             cshi
License Name 	Version 	Quantity Status 		Expiry Date
------------- ---------	-------- ------ --------------
REP_SERVER 	  2005.0425	  1 	   graced 	Sep 11 2005 2:40AM
REP_HVAR_ASE 	2005.0425	  1 	   graced 	Sep 11 2005 2:40AM
Property Name 	Property Value
------------- 		--------------
PE 			          null
LT 			          null
  • If you do not specify an edition or use “null,” Replication Server looks for and uses any license edition it finds when it starts.

  • The configuration options set by sysadmin lmconfig are stored in the sylapi properties file.


sysadmin lmconfig requires “sa” permission.