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Deletes a range of transactions identified by transaction date in the exceptions log in the rs_exceptscmd, rs_exceptshdr, and rs_systext system tables.

rs_delexception_date <transaction_date_start> [,<transaction_date_end>]

The originating date of the earliest transactions in the range that you want to delete. Enclose the date in double quotation marks.


The originating date of the latest transactions in the range that you want to delete. Specifying the latest transaction originating date in a range of dates is optional. Enclose the date in double quotation marks.

Example 1

Deletes from the exceptions log the transactions with an originating date of 1st October 2010.

rs_delexception_date "10/01/2010"
Example 2

Deletes from the exceptions log all transactions that have originating dates between 1st October 2010 and 31st October 2010, inclusive.

rs_delexception_date "10/01/2010", "10/31/2010"
  • You can enter the dates for <transaction_date_end> and <transaction_date_end> in the different formats supported by the Adaptive Server hosting the RSSD or the SQL Anywhere database that is the ERSSD. For information about acceptable date and time formats, see:
    • Adaptive Server Enterprise Reference Manual: Building Blocks > System and User-Defined Datatypes > Date and time datatypes > Entering date and time data
    • SQL Anywhere Server - SQL Reference > SQL Data Types > Date and Time Data Types > Sending Dates and Times to the Database.
  • rs_delexception_date deletes the range of transactions between <transaction_date_start> and <transaction_date_end>, inclusive of <transaction_date_start> and <transaction_date_end> from the exception tables.
  • If you do not specify any parameter, rs_delexception_date displays an error message. See the "org date"column when you execute rs_helpexception or rs_delexception with no parameters to obtain a current of valid transactions and originating dates in the exceptions log.

  • If you specify a valid date only for <transaction_date_start>, and do not specify a second valid date in <transaction_date_end>, rs_delexception_date deletes only the transactions you specify in <transaction_date_start>.

  • rs_delexception_date displays an error message if the command you enter does not result in any transactions being deleted.