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Displays information on automatically resizable Replication Server partitions.

admin auto_part_path
Example 1

Display information about the dynamically resizable partitions available on the Replication Server where you execute the command:

admin auto_part_path
You see:
Part Path           Logical  Auto   Max       State
                             Expand Size
------------------  -------  ------ --------  -------
/dev/autoprt/auto1  auto_1   50     1048576   ON-LINE
/dev/autoprt/auto2  auto_2   70     1048576   DROP-PENDING
/dev/autoprt/auto3  auto_3   40     1048576   HAS-PARTITION
/dev/autoprt/auto4  auto_4   80     1048576   FULL
Table 1: Column Descriptions for admin auto_part_path Output



Part Path The physical location in the operating systme for the dynamically resizable partition.
Logical The logical name you assign to the dynamically resizable partition.
Auto Expand Size Size in megabytes that you have set for each partition file that Replication Server creates automatically.
Max Size The maximum total size, in megabytes, that you have allocated for all the partition files of the dynamically resizable partition assigned to the logical partition path.


Dynamically resizable partition state:

  • ON-LINE – the partition is useable
  • DROP-PENDING – Replication Server is dropping the partition
  • HAS-PARTITION – partitions exist under the partition path
  • FULL – the partition path is full and Replication Server cannot add new partition files to the partition. If there is available disk space you can use alter auto partition path to increase the value of <max_size>. Otherwise use create auto partition path to create a new automatically resizable partition in another location that has sufficient disk space.

Any user may execute this command.