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Removes a automatically resizable partition from Replication Server.

drop auto partition path <logical_name>

The name for the logical partition path for an existing automatically resizable Replication Server partition. The name must conform to the rules for identifiers. The create auto partition path and alter auto partition path commands also use <logical_name> to specify the automatically resizable partition.

Example 1

Remove the automatically resizable partition assigned to the auto_uxp logical partition path and all automatically created partition files associated with auto_uxp from Replication Server:

drop auto  partition path auto_uxp
  • You can use drop partition to manually remove a automatically created partition file if there is an urgent need to release disk space. Otherwise, use drop auto partition path to manage the removal of automatically resizable partitions to ensure that disk space is released properly.
  • Replication Server does not immediately remove an automatically resizable partition if you execute drop auto partition path. Instead, once this command marks the affected logical partition path as "drop-pending", Replication Server does not create any new automatically resizable partition file on the path. Replication Server only removes the automatically resizable partition after the partition files on the path have been dropped by Replication Server.
  • Installation of Replication Server creates an initial partition. The initial partition and any partitions you subsequently create manually constitute the minimal partition size that Replication Server retains even after you remove all automatically resizable partitions. You can remove some of the partitions in the minimal partition size but you must ensure that Replication Server retains some partitions of a sufficient size for replication to continue.
  • For a complete discussion of recovering from failed partitions, see Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2 > Replication System Recovery > Recovery from Partition Loss or Failure.


drop auto partition path requires that the “sybase” user should own the disk partition or operating system file and must have read and write permissions on it. Users other than “sybase” should not have write or read permission on the partition..