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Lists the upgrade status of user databases and identifies user databases that you must upgrade after you upgrade Replication Server.

admin version, "connection"

At the upgraded Replication Server, enter:

admin version, "connection"
You see a list of the user databases and data servers, the database IDs, the corresponding Replication Server, and the status of the database. For example:
dbid    Name        Controller RS   Status
------  ----------  --------------  ------------------
101     pds.pdb01   rs_12           Database needs upgrade
102     pds.pdb02   rs_12           Database is not accessible
103     rds.rdb01   rs_12           Database has been upgraded
  • Enter admin version, "connection" at the upgraded Replication Server.

  • The “Database is not accessible” status means that Replication Server cannot connect to this user database because the database is unavailable, or because the maintenance user ID that Replication Server uses to connect to the database has insufficient privileges to connect.
See Fixing a Failed or Missed User Database Upgrade with sysadmin upgrade, "database" in the Configuration Guide.

Any user may execute the admin version, "connection" .