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Upgrades user databases served by the Replication Server.

sysadmin upgrade, "database"{, <data_server>,<database> | all}
<data_server>, <database>

Specifies the database to upgrade. Enter a separate command for each database.

Upgrades all databases served by the Replication Server. Replication Server displays error messages if a database does not meet the conditions for upgrade

Upgrades the the pdb01 database in the pds data server,. At the Replication Server serving pdb01, enter:

sysadmin upgrade, database, pds, pdb01
If any of the databases fail to upgrade, you see entries in the Replication Server error log such as:
Database is not accessible.
Fail to upgrade <data_server.database>.
  • Enter admin version, “connection” at the upgraded Replication Server to find out the user databases that you must upgrade.
  • Replication Server suspends replicate connections to the SAP IQ replicates after Replication Server is upgraded to 15.7.1 or later, and you see a "Awaiting Upgr" status if you use admin who. Upgrade the SAP IQ database with sysadmin upgrade, "database".
See Fixing a Failed or Missed User Database Upgrade with sysadmin upgrade, "database" in the Configuration Guide.

sysadmin upgrade, "database" requires "sa" permission.