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Removes a replication filter that is not bound to a replication path.

drop replication filter <filter_name>
<filter_name >
The name of the filter object
Example 1

Drop a filter named advance_vs_revenue :

drop replication filter advance_vs_filter
  • You must unbind the filter from all replication paths before you can drop the filter. RepAgent does not allow you to drop a filter that is bound to a replication path.
  • Adaptive Server drops the filter if you drop the table associated with the filter. However, if you drop the filter, there is no effect on the associated table.
  • You cannot alter a table with the Adaptive Server alter table command if the table has a column with a filter. If you attempt to alter the table, an error message displays, advising you to drop and recreate replication filters.
  • If you drop a filter, Adaptive Server drops all rows in the sysattributes table that have IDs that correspond to the filter.
  • If there is any attempt to use alter table to change a table with associated filters, Adaptive Server prevents alter table for the table from executing and displays an error message advising you to drop and recreate the filters.

drop replication filter requires “create object” permission.