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Change the memory that Adaptive Server allocates to the RepAgent thread pool for multithreaded RepAgent.

sp_configure 'replication agent memory size', <repagent_mem_size>

The number of pages of memory to allocate to the RepAgent thread pool.

Example 1
To set the RepAgent thread pool size to 8194 pages, enter:
sp_configure 'replication agent memory size', 8194
You see:
Group: Rep Agent Thread Administration

Parameter       Default  Memory  Config  Run    Unit      Type
Name                     Used    Value   Value

replication     4096     16430   8194    8194   memory    dynamic
agent memory                                    pages(2k)
(1 row affected)
Configuration option changed. ASE need not be rebooted since the option is dynamic.
Changing the value of 'replication agent memory size' to '8194' increases the amount of memory ASE uses by 8236 K.

Use sp_configure 'Rep Agent Thread administration' to check the memory currently allocated to the RepAgent pool before you increase the memory for multithreaded RepAgent with sp_configure 'replication agent memory size'.

See Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2 > Performance Tuning > Multi-Path Replication > Multiple Primary Replication Paths > Enabling Multithreaded RepAgent and Multiple Paths for RepAgent.

See the Adaptive Server Enterprise Reference Manual for more information about sp_configure.


sp_configure requires “sa” or “sso” permission to modify configuration parameters.

Anyone can execute sp_configure to display information about parameters and their values.