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Display the current RepAgent thread pool size and the settings of other RepAgent thread parameters.

sp_configure 'Rep Agent Thread Administration'
Example 1
sp_configure 'Rep Agent Thread Administration'
You see:
Group: Rep Agent Thread Administration

Parameter       Default  Memory  Config  Run    Unit      Type
Name                     Used    Value   Value

enable rep      0        0       1       1      switch    dynamic
agent threads

replication     4096     8194    4096    4096   memory    dynamic
agent memory                                    pages(2k)
This example shows that enable rep agent threads is a dynamic parameter that you switch on or off. Changes to dynamic parameters do not require an ASE restart.

Use sp_configure 'Rep Agent Thread Administration' to check the memory currently allocated to the RepAgent pool before you increase the memory for multithreaded RepAgent with sp_configure 'replication agent memory size'.

See the Adaptive Server Enterprise Reference Manual for more information about sp_configure.


sp_configure requires “sa” or “sso” permission to modify configuration parameters.

Anyone can execute sp_configure to display information about parameters and their values.