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Enables replication of timestamp columns to an Adaptive Server table.

Example 1
Alters rs_set_timestamp_insert for non-Adaptive Server databases that do not support set timestamp_insert on:
alter function string rs_set_timestamp_insert
	for some_function_string_class
	output language
  • rs_set_timestamp_insert is called after rs_usedb for any user database connection. Replication Server does not call this function string for RSSD connections.
  • rs_set_timestamp_insert has function-string class scope.
  • rs_set_timestamp_insert maps to set timestamp_insert on for Adaptive Server replicate databases. For all non-Adaptive Server databases, rs_set_timestamp_insert maps to null.
  • Adaptive Server 15.0.1 and earlier databases do not support set timestamp_insert on.
  • If executing rs_set_timestamp_insert fails, Replication Server continues running and does not report back to the user.