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Displays the Replication Server's error actions mapped to a given data server error severity number.

rs_helpseverity <severity_number>
A data server error severity number
Example 1

Displays the summary information about all available subscriptions. The Unknown status in the RRS column indicates that the current Replication Server does not have information about the subscription status at the listed Replication Server (primary Replication Server).

1> rs_helpseverity 10
2> go
 Severity           Action              Error Class
 --------          -------            --------------
 10                Stop Replication    rs_iq_error_class 
 10                Stop Replication    rs_ra_error_class 
 10                Stop Replication    rs_db2_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_udb_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_hive_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_msss_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_hanadb_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_oracle_error_class
 10                Stop Replication    rs_sqlserver_error_class

Error action mappings are displayed for all error classes.

Use the assign action command to map error actions to data server error severities.