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You use the different cFolders functions to edit collaborations, areas (both public areas and work areas), folders, and folder objects (documents, data sheets, materials, bills of material, generic objects, discussions, bookmarks, and texts) in cFolders.

Functions in the stricter sense are those functions that are available when you enter cFolders in the overview tree (on the left) under Functions. These functions are available across all collaborations.

Functions in the broader sense are all those functions that can be called and executed from within collaborations.


Functions in the Stricter Sense:

·        Competitive Scenarios

·        Collaborative Scenarios

·        Standards

·        Meetings

·        Received Notifications

·        Sent Notifications

·        Status Management

·        Search (Global Search Request)

·        User Groups

·        User Administration

·        Network Administration

·        cFolders Administration

·        File Storage

·        About cFolders (metadata for the current cFolders system)

Functions in the Broader Sense:

·        Integration of MS Windows File Explorer in SAP cProject Suite

·        File storage (object-specific)

·        Distributed file servers

·        Plug-In for processing files

·        Table filter

·        Thumbnails

·        Alias names

·        Archiving

·        Meetings (object-specific)

·        Notifications (object-specific)

·        Search functions (in addition to the global search request, the quick search)

·        Subscriptions

·        External references

·        Shopping cart

·        Templates

·        Status management (object-specific)

·        cFolders back-end integration

·        cFolders Application Programming Interface


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