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The reporting cockpit is a set of real-time reports, providing information about

·        Expected Commercial Value

·        Schedule

·        Risk vs. Reward

The reporting cockpit is available in the context of all main business objects (e.g. portfolio, bucket, review, what-if, collection) and can easily be customized by an administrator regarding set up of axes, chart types and displayed information. You can also generate your own reports.



The reporting cockpit contains up-to-date information regarding important key performance indicators such as risk, expected commercial value and schedules. It can be used within

·        Overall portfolio

·        Selected bucket

·        Selected collection of portfolio items

·        Selected review

·        Selected What-If scenarios (for original and simulated items)

The reports explicitly contain only the relevant items within the selected subset and thus provide a valuable decision basis for portfolio managers.

You can customize existing reports or add new reports via an own cockpit configuration (available for administrators).

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