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Procedure documentation Notifying a Selected Resource by E-Mail  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can e-mail the selected resources or their managers to notify them that they have been assigned to a project or have received a task. The system automatically inserts project data such as time periods and the amount of work.

Note that the system uses the e-mail address from the business partner data.


You can create templates for the e-mails in the following activity in the Implementation Guide: Collaboration Projects Resource Management Basic Settings for Resource Management Assign Forms for E-mail and Groupware Communication.


·        You have defined e-mail templates. If you have not defined any templates in your project language, the system sends a blank e-mail.


If you have Windows NT 4.0 Workstation as an operating system, the text appears incompletely when an e-mail is created. This is because Windows NT 4.0 is restricted to 260 characters for hyperlinks with a mailto URL.

·        You have entered the e-mail address in the business partner data.


If you have not done so already, you can enter an address by carrying out the activities under Creating a Business Partner in the Creating a Business Partner from the SAP Menu section.

·        You are in the Resources tab page in the Projects initial view.


¡        In the Staffing of Project Role group box under Person Assignment

¡        In the Candidates group box under Person Assignment

¡        In the Search Result in the Resource Search


There are functions for sending e-mails at various places in the application.


       1.      Choose the e-mail function.

The e-mail template appears.

       2.      Make changes as required.

       3.      Choose Send.

       4.      In the Candidates and Staffing of Project Role areas, you can enter a comment to the effect that you have notified the resource about the project.



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