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This function enables you to use IDocs to transfer POS transaction data from the POS store system to the PIPE and to make use of the advantages of asynchronous transfer.


You can use different IDoc types in order to transfer different data from the POS system to the PIPE. In addition to the standard POS IDoc types, a generated IDoc (message type /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE) is also available:

  • POS IDoc types:

    You can use the following POS IDoc types for data transfer:

    • WPUBON: Transfer Detailed Sales Data to PIPE

    • WPUUMS: Transfer Sales Data Without Means of Payment Info to PIPE

    • WPUTAB: Transfer Means of Payment Information to PIPE

    • WPUFIB: Transfer Financial Transactions to PIPE

    • WPUKSR: Transfer Cashier Data to PIPE

    • WPUWBW: Transfer Goods Movements to PIPE

  • Generated ALE Interface:

    You can use the generated message type /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE for data transfer to PIPE. This way you can transfer the same POS transaction data as with BAPI /POSDW/BAPI_POSTR_CREATE since the structure of the message type comprises all elements of the BAPI structure. The interface then matches. The only difference is that the transfer is asynchronous with use of the IDocs.