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Procedure documentationConfiguring Storage and Retention Service for ILM Stores


You can use the Storage and Retention Service (SRS) that runs on AS ABAP to control all transactions triggered by SAP NetWeaver ILM in conjunction with an ILM-store. The following figure shows the relevant components for the ILM store and the required basic configuration.

ILM Components


Application System

Productive application system or stand-alone Retention Warehouse system (AS ABAP) on which SAP NetWeaver ILM is available.

ILM-Enhanced Data Archiving

SAP NetWeaver ILM uses functions of the data archiving available in the standard system.

Activating the ILM business function results in an ILM-specific enhancement of the data archiving functions and also makes it possible to use additional ILM functions (such as data destruction ).


The communication between the archiving programs, the archiving objects, and the SRS takes place with a special connector. The SRS connection can be established as follows:

  • SRS runs in the application system (locally). No configuration is required for this.

  • SRS runs on a separate AS ABAP (remotely). An HTTP connection between the application system and the AS ABAP on which SRS runs is required.

Storage and Retention Service (SRS)

The SRS, which runs on an AS ABAP, processes archiving queries and manages archive files as resources with its own URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

ILM Store

Store for the archive files (resources) that were generated according to ILM retention rules on a WebDAV server certified for SAP NetWeaver ILM. The ILM store must be connected to the AS ABAP, on which SRS runs, and be registered in SRS administration.

Store Administration

The SRS store administration is on the application system that uses SRS. This is where you register the available ILM stores.

Store Browser

The store browser display all ILM stores connected to SRS with their hierarchies and the resources store under them.


1. Configuring SRS
  1. Provide the users necessary for using SRS.

    More information: Providing a User for Managing ILM Stores with SRS

  2. Activate the local SRS for the application system or a remote SRS on a separate system.

    More information: Activating Storage and Retention Service (SRS) for ILM Stores

2. Registering ILM Stores
  1. Define the Connection from the SRS to each ILM Store

    More information: Defining the Connection of the ILM Store to SRS

  2. Register each ILM Store in SRS Store Administration.

    More information: Registering ILM Store in SRS Store Administration

3. Check the Availability of ILM Stores and Store Hierarchies

In the store browser, check the availability of the ILM stores and the related store hierarchies.

For more information: Using the ILM Store Browser for SRS-based Stores