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PowerDesigner v16.5 SP04 includes a new Web client for accessing your PowerDesigner repository: PowerDesigner Web.

No Deployment Repository Access

Users can easily connect to the repository from their PC or mobile device using a modern Web browser. Standard PowerDesigner repository accounts and folder and model-level permissions are supported transparently and (if LDAP support is enabled and suitable default permissions are set) anyone with a corporate login can connect and browse your models and objects.

Rich Diagram and Object Browsing Experience

PowerDesigner Web gives you access to the whole repository, with diagram previews in large thumbnail tiles. The new Diagram Viewer displays your model diagrams as rich SVG images zoomable up to 10x actual size, with support for full-screen diagram viewing, image export, and stable URLs for easy sharing.

Your personal Workspace contains a list of recently viewed diagrams in which you can pin favorites to keep.

Creating and Editing BPMN 2.0 Business Process Diagrams

Business users can now document their own processes directly in PowerDesigner Web using the standard BPMN 2.0 Descriptive and Executable languages. The simplified bottom toolbar provides everything you need to get started and the in-context toolbar lets you build sequences of activities, gateways, and events quickly and intuitively:

A new auto-complete feature makes reusing library objects faster and easier.

Your diagrams in progress are private, and are accessible only from your Workspace, but you can invite other users to review and comment on them before submitting them for publication.


Any user with permission to view a diagram can comment on any of its objects. Objects that have been commented on display a comments flag and you can filter comments by selecting objects. You can reply to comments and receive notifications when new comments are created. Comments are supported on both published and draft models and comments made on published models are retained across versions.

Visual Compare

You can review the differences between a diagram in progress and the published version using the new visual compare:

In-Web Review and Publication

In most cases, senior modelers can review and publish diagrams directly in PowerDesigner Web. The comment mechanism supports the discussion of changes between modeler and reviewer, and the visual compare makes tracking changes easier than ever.


Dynamically-generated charts allow real-time monitoring and analysis of models. Charts are available only in PowerDesigner Web and are accessible from the Charts facet of model property sheets and from the Dashboard tile on your homepage, which collates all the charts for which you have permission in the repository:

The datasets that drive charts are defined in extension files in the PowerDesigner desktop client and uploaded to the repository, where they can be associated with models using PowerDesigner Web.

An EAM extension file containing example datasets is loaded by default in your repository Library folder and an example enterprise architecture model and charts are provided in a sample repository.

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