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Verifying DiagramsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can, at any time while editing a diagram, verify that it conforms with the appropriate modeling rules. To begin verification, click the Verify button at the bottom right of the window.

Red speech bubbles show above objects in the diagram that have errors or warnings, and the relevant facet and property in its property sheet are highlighted where possible. Click an error bubble to open the Errors and Warnings panel to view the errors and warnings.

  • In the Diagram panel:
    • Select an object to show only those errors and warnings associated with it.

      All objects are tested to ensure that they have a name and that the name is unique for objects of that type in the current scope, which is generally the current process or diagram.

      For information about rules specific to BPMN 2.0, see Verifying BPMN 2.0 Process Diagrams.

    • Click the diagram error bubble under the zoom and pan tools in the top-left corner to view all the errors and warnings for all the objects in the diagram.
  • In the Errors and Warnings panel:
    • Click an object name in a comment to center the diagram on that object.
    • Click the top of the panel to toggle between showing errors and warnings and errors only.

Once you have launched a diagram verification, PowerDesigner Web continues to verify your changes in real time so that as you correct issues, the counts of errors and warnings in the bubble and list decrease. To exit validation mode, click Save to save your changes, and then press F5 to refresh your browser window.