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Item-Aware Elements (BPMN Executable)Locate this document in the navigation structure

Item-aware elements are variables used to store or convey information during process execution. You can associate these elements with processes, activities, and events.

Note Item-aware elements can be created and added to an object only in the PowerDesigner desktop client, but their properties can be edited in PowerDesigner Web.
The different types of element are available in the following types of object:
Object Property Data Object / Data Reference Data Input Data Output
Composite processes X X X X
Tasks X   X X
Start events / Intermediate catching events X     X
End events / Intermediate throwing events X   X  
Item-aware elements can have the following properties:
Property Description


Identify the object. The name should clearly convey the object's purpose to non-technical users, while the code, which is used for generating code or scripts, may be abbreviated, and should not normally include spaces. You can optionally add a comment to provide more detailed information about the object. By default the code is generated from the name by applying the naming conventions specified in the model options. To decouple name-code synchronization, click to release the = button to the right of the Code field.