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Obtaining Emergency Access to the RepositoryLocate this document in the navigation structure

In the event that no administrator is able to log in to a running repository, you can create an emergency administrator account to regain access.


  1. If the repository proxy is not already in use in your environment, install it on the repository server or a nearby machine for which you are an administrator (see Installation Guide > Installing the Repository Proxy).
  2. Launch the Repository Proxy Configuration utility (pdproxyconf16.exe).
    Note On a Windows 7 machine, you must open the utility by right-clicking its icon or menu item and selecting Run as administrator.
  3. If an instance is not already available for the repository in question, create one, specifying the appropriate data source, user name, password, and port to connect to the repository database.
  4. Select the appropriate instance and click the Create Emergency User button to open the Emergency Password dialog, and then select Show password to see an automatically generated password, for use with the special _ADMIN account.
  5. Navigate to the PowerDesigner Web homepage, enter _ADMIN as the login name and the generated password in the Password field, and click OK.
    Note If you do not access the repository within 15 minutes, you must repeat the procedure to generate a new temporary password.
  6. Reset the administrator's password or create a new administrator account as appropriate (see Creating Repository Users).
  7. Return to the homepage, click the _ADMIN user next to the menu tool and select Log Out to disconnect the emergency user from the repository. The emergency user is deleted after disconnection.