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Unblocking Blocked Users Locate this document in the navigation structure

The repository administrator or a user with the Manage Users right can unblock users blocked for password policy violations.


  1. From the homepage, click Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Users End of the navigation path and click the appropriate user in the list to open its property sheet.
  2. Click the Change Password button. If you have not enabled delivery of passwords by email (see Connecting to an SMTP Server for Notifications), enter a temporary password identically in the two fields and note it for transmission to the user.
  3. Click the Change Password button. If an SMTP server is configured, the password will be sent to the user at the recorded email address.
    Users must log in with their temporary password before the delay specified in the password policy (see Defining a Password Policy). When they first log in they will be required to change the temporary password.