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An architecture area is an abstract object that can group together other objects. The objects do not belong to the area and are just grouped in it.

To create an architecture area, click the Architecture Area tool to select it, and then click in empty space or in an existing area in the diagram:

You can create sub-areas, functions, and processes inside the area by selecting the appropriate tool and clicking in the area symbol:

Architecture areas can have the following properties:
Property Description


Identify the object. The name should clearly convey the object's purpose to non-technical users, while the code, which is used for generating code or scripts, may be abbreviated, and should not normally include spaces. You can optionally add a comment to provide more detailed information about the object. By default the code is generated from the name by applying the naming conventions specified in the model options. To decouple name-code synchronization, click to release the = button to the right of the Code field.


Extends the semantics of the object. You can enter a stereotype directly in this field, or add stereotypes to the list by specifying them in an extension file.

Sub-areas, functions, and processes appear inside the area symbol, and are listed on the Depends On facet of its property sheet.