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A process map provides a graphical view of your business architecture, and helps you identify your business functions and high-level processes, independent of the people and business units who fulfill them.

The following example shows a top-level process map in which the groupings Management,Core, and Support are defined in architecture areas, and ten high-level processes are defined:

The 4. Demand to Cash and 8. Procure to Pay processes contain sub-maps, which you can enter by clicking the plus symbols at the base of their symbols (see Creating a Multi-Level Process Map).

To create a process map, navigate to the repository folder in which you want to create it and press the + tile (see Creating a Diagram).

The following objects can be created from the process map toolbox:



Process - An activity or group of sub-processes. See Processes.
Business Function - An aggregation of processes and/or sub-functions. See Business Functions.
Architecture Area - An abstract object for grouping other objects. See Architecture Areas.
Note Programs, projects, and goals created in a process map in the PowerDesigner desktop client can be displayed, but not created or modified in PowerDesigner Web.