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Granting Access Permissions on Repository ItemsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The repository administrator or a user with Full permission on a document or folder can grant permissions on it. Permissions can be granted on the repository root, folders, and models, but not on individual model diagrams or objects.


A user wanting to browse and edit documents in the repository must have at least the following permissions:
  • Browsing - Read permission. When you create a user, she is inserted into the Public group, which by default is granted Read permission on the repository root.
  • Creating or editing a diagram - Submit on the target folder to propose a new diagram or edits to an existing diagram, or Write to publish them directly.
Note Object permissions should be viewed in conjunction with the rights granted to users or groups (see Granting Rights to Users and Groups).


  1. From the homepage, click Repository, navigate to the item, and click its Permissions facet.
  2. Click the + button to open a list of available users and groups, select one or more, and click OK to add them to the list.
  3. For each user or group, select the permission you want to grant in the Granted Permission column. The following permissions are available:
    • List - View the document or folder in the repository browser and in search results. Without this permission, the folder or document is hidden from the user.

    • Read - Also open and compare documents.

    • Submit - Also propose changes to the document for review by a user with Write permission.

    • Write - Also review changes by other users and publish changes directly.

    • Full - Also manage permissions granted to users and groups.
      Note Administrators, who have implicit Full permission on all repository objects will only receive diagrams for review if they have been granted explicit Write permission on them.

    The Effective Permissions column shows the highest level of permission that each user or group has either directly or via a group.

  4. [optional] Click the Copy Permissions to All Children tool to propagate changes to the item's children.

    When you create a folder or check in a model or project, the permissions defined on its parent are propagated to it. However, subsequent changes made to the permissions for the parent are not applied to its children unless you click this tool. For example, if a you grant Write permission on the Major Project folder, to the Development Team 2 group, then they will not automatically be granted Write access on its contents.