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Creating Repository UsersLocate this document in the navigation structure

The repository administrator is responsible for creating user accounts to enable users to connect to the repository and access the content that they need.


The following standard users are automatically created in each PowerDesigner repository:
  • ADMIN - Has all available rights and implicit Full permission on all repository folders.
  • _ADMIN - Is created as a temporary emergency user for connecting to a repository when no administrator is able to access it (see Obtaining Emergency Access to the Repository).
Note This procedure is for creating users authenticated by the repository. PowerDesigner also supports delegating authentication of users to an LDAP server (see Connecting to an LDAP Server for User Authentication) and authentication by X509 certificate (see Enabling Single Sign-On for PowerDesigner Web).


  1. From the homepage, click Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Users End of the navigation path, and then click the + button to create a user and open its property sheet.
  2. Enter the following properties as appropriate:



    Login Name Specifies the account name used to connect to the repository.
    Managed by By default, users must enter a password managed by PowerDesigner to connect to the repository. To allow them to enter their standard corporate password or use single-sign on, select External (LDAP) (see Creating Externally-Authenticated Repository Users).
    Full Name Specifies the real name of the user.
    Email Specifies the email address of the user. If you have specified an SMTP server (see Connecting to an SMTP Server for Notifications) this address will be used to send the password.


    Specifies any additional information about the user.


    Specifies the status of the user, which can be:
    • Active - the user can access the repository.
    • Inactive - the user is no longer active in the repository (see Deactivating Users) and may not connect. The user remains in the List of Users and can be reactivated at any time.
    • Blocked - the user has violated one of the rules of the password policy (see Defining a Password Policy), and cannot access the repository until an administrator unblocks her account (see Unblocking Blocked Users).
    Rights Select the check boxes corresponding to the rights you want to assign. The following rights are available:
    • Connect - Connect to the repository and view diagrams in PowerDesigner Web.
    • Edit on Web - Create and edit diagrams in PowerDesigner Web.
    • Edit Extensions on Web - Create and edit custom properties in PowerDesigner Web. Gives access to the Administration/Extensions tile.
    • Freeze Versions - (only used with the desktop PowerDesigner client).
    • Lock Versions - (only used with the desktop PowerDesigner client).
    • Manage Branches - (only used with the desktop PowerDesigner client).
    • Manage Configurations - (only used with the desktop PowerDesigner client).
    • Manage All Documents - Perform any action on any document version. Implicitly includes Full permission on all repository documents.
    • Manage Users - Create, modify, and delete repository users and groups, grant them rights, and add them to groups. Gives access to the Administration/Users and Groups tiles.
    • Manage Repository - Create, upgrade, and delete the repository database. Gives access to the Administration/Settings tile.
  3. If you have not enabled delivery of passwords by email (see Connecting to an SMTP Server for Notifications), click the Change Password button, enter an temporary password identically in the two fields and then click Change Password. Note the temporary password for transmission to the user.
  4. Click the Groups facet and add the user to any appropriate groups (see Adding Users and Groups to a Group).
    All users are added to the Public group, from which, by default, they inherit the Read permission on all the contents of the repository (see Granting Access Permissions on Repository Items).
  5. Click Save to complete the creation of the user. If an SMTP server is configured, the password will be sent to the user at the recorded email address.
    Users must log in with their temporary password before the delay specified in the password policy (see Defining a Password Policy). When they first log in they will be required to change the temporary password.