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Connecting to the Database ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure

A database server and database to contain the repository must be specified during installation, but you can change this connection to make PowerDesigner Web point to a different repository database.


The primary database server parameters are available through the standard administration interface, but logging and caching parameters can only be modified by editing the configuration files on the host server (see Configuring Other PowerDesigner Web Parameters).


  1. From the homepage, click Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Database Server End of the navigation path and click the Edit tool.
  2. Set the following General parameters:

    Param Name


    Database type

    Specifies the type of DBMS that hosts the repository.

    Database driver Specifies the JDBC driver class used to connect to the repository database.
    Host Specifies the name of the host machine for the repository database. In certain environments, a fully qualified domain name may be required.

    Specifies the port number of the host machine through which the repository database is available.

    Database name

    Specifies the name of the repository database.

    User name

    Specifies the database user name that the repository uses to access the DBMS.


    Specifies the database password that the repository uses to access the DBMS. This must be entered normally, and will be encrypted as soon as the server connects to the database.

  3. [optional] Set the following advanced database parameters:

    Param Name


    Isolation level

    Specifies the isolation level used to isolate transactions in a multi-user environment. By default, level 1 is used for SAP® SQL Anywhere® and level 2 for SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise. See your DBMS documentation for information about the behavior of each level in your environment.

    Initial pool size

    Specifies the initial number of connections in the connection pool. The default is 1.

    Min idle

    Specifies the minimum number of connections that can remain idle in the pool, without extra ones being created. Specify 0 to create none. The default is 1.

    Max idle

    Specifies the maximum number of connections that can remain idle in the pool, without extra ones being released. Specify -1 for no limit. The default is 3.

    Max wait

    Specifies the maximum number of milliseconds that the pool will wait when there are no available connections for a connection to be returned before throwing an exception. Specify -1 to wait indefinitely. The default is 2.

    Max active

    Specifies the maximum number of active connections that can be allocated from this pool at the same time. Specify -1 for no limit. The default is 10.

    Max bytes per char
    For non-Oracle unicode or multi-byte character set databases, specify the bytes per character used by the database:
    • 1-byte - [default] For SBCS (Single-Byte Character Set)
    • 2-byte - For DBCS (Double-Byte Character Set)
    • 3-byte - For Unicode or MBCS (Multi-Byte Character Set)

    [ASE only] Specifies the character set used by the database.

  4. Click Save to save your changes. You must restart the PowerDesigner Portal Server for changes to take effect.