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Commenting on DiagramsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Any user can comment on any object in any published diagram they have permission to see. By default, users cannot see your draft diagrams, but you can invite them to view and comment on them before you submit your changes for publication.

Note Comments posted to published diagrams are preserved across versions, but comments posted to draft diagrams are removed when the diagram is published.
Yellow speech bubbles show above objects in the diagram that have comments. Click a comment bubble to open the Comments panel to read, reply to, or close existing comments, or to add new ones.

  • In the top toolbar:
    • [in your draft diagrams] Click the Invite to Comment tool to give other users access to your draft diagram and the ability to post comments to it before you publish it:

      Note If you are invited to comment on another user's draft diagram, it will appear in your Workspace in the Invitations to Comment section.
    • Click the Comments tool to show or hide the Comments panel.
  • In the Diagram panel:
    • Select an object to show only those comments associated with it, or to add a comment to it.
    • Click the diagram background to view all the comments for all the objects in the diagram or to add a comment to the diagram itself.
  • In the Comments panel:
    • Click a comment to reply to it.
    • Click a comment and click the check mark to mark it as closed and hide it. The comment can be redisplayed if you select to display all comments.
    • Click a comment that you have posted (which does not have any replies) and click the pencil to edit it or the trash can to delete it.
    • Click an object name in a comment to center the diagram on that object.
    • Click the top of the panel to toggle between showing all comments and hiding comments that are marked as closed.