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Reviewing Diagrams for PublicationLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you have Write permission or higher on a diagram that another user has submitted for publication, then it will appear in your workspace for review before publication. The changes proposed in the diagram will not be published until you or another user with Write permission or higher approves it.


Note If you have Write permission or higher on a diagram, and choose to submit your changes for peer review, the submitted diagram will appear in your own review section (as well as being sent to other qualified users) and you can, at any time, review and publish it yourself. For information about permissions, see Granting Access Permissions on Repository Items).


  1. Click the diagram thumbnail in the Diagrams to review for publication section to open it for review.
  2. If the Comments panel is not already open, open it and review any comments that the modeler and her peers have posted (see Commenting on Diagrams).
  3. Review the content of the diagram for accuracy and compliance with your organization's modeling standards:
    • To verify that it conforms with the appropriate modeling rules, click the Verify button at the bottom right of the window (see Verifying Diagrams).
    • To obtain an interactive analysis of the changes made from the published version, select Start of the navigation path Menu Next navigation step Compare Versions End of the navigation path (see Comparing Diagram Versions).
  4. If there are problems with the diagram, you can:
  5. Once your review is complete, click the Publish tool and select one of the following options:
    • Publish - Approve all the changes and publish them to make them available to everyone.
    • Return for Revision - Return the draft diagram to the modeler to make the changes required before publication. Before returning the diagram for revision, you should document your requirements using comments.
    • Reject Changes - Reject the draft diagram and delete the changes.