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Call activities are tasks that reuse an existing global process or task. For example, you may define a process called Log In and then reuse it in various other processes.

To create a call activity, first create a task:
  • Select an object in the diagram and click (or click and drag) the Task tool in its context toolbar to create a new task after it in the control flow, or
  • Click the Task tool in the bottom toolbar and click in the diagram.
Enter a name for the task and then click the Properties tool in its context toolbar to change its type, and select Call Activity.
To specify the task that will be reused, go to the Properties panel, click the Select Object button to the right of the Called object field, and select the task to reuse from the list.
Note The tasks that are available to be reused from this list must:
  • Have the property Reusable Process selected, and
  • Be saved in either the current diagram or in the repository Library folder.