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The main contents of a process are the tasks that are performed during its execution.

To create a task:
  • Select an object in the diagram and click (or click and drag) the Task tool in its context toolbar to create a new task after it in the control flow, or
  • Click the Task tool in the bottom toolbar and click in the diagram.
The task is created with its default name highlighted, ready for you to enter an appropriate name.
In BPMN 2.0 Descriptive, PowerDesigner supports the following types of tasks:
Symbol Description
BPMN_20 ActivityBase Standard Task - Can be used for any kind of activity.
BPMN_20_ActivityService Service Task - A task performed by an application or web service without any human input.
BPMN_20_ActivityUser User Task - A task performed by a human interacting with a software application.
BPMN_20_ActivityCall Call Activity - A task which reuses a globally defined process. For example, you may define the login process and then reuse it in multiple processes (see Call Activities (BPMN Descriptive)).
BPMN_20_ActivitySubProcess Sub-Process - A task that is, itself, broken down into subtasks (see Sub-Processes (BPMN Descriptive)).
Tasks can have the following properties:
Property Description


Identify the object. The name should clearly convey the object's purpose to non-technical users, while the code, which is used for generating code or scripts, may be abbreviated, and should not normally include spaces. You can optionally add a comment to provide more detailed information about the object. By default the code is generated from the name by applying the naming conventions specified in the model options. To decouple name-code synchronization, click to release the = button to the right of the Code field.

Reusable process Specifies that the task can be referenced for reuse by a call activity (see Call Activities (BPMN Descriptive)).
Called object [Call Activities] Specifies the global task or process that is reused by the call activity.